First week in the life of a 31 year old

My first week of being 31 years old, I have to say has been a good one! ┬áLet me give you a round up . . . Number one Monday 20th March was my birthday and it was the most unbirthday birthday I have ever had, but that is just how I wanted it and … Continue reading First week in the life of a 31 year old

Once upon a time

Today I went with one of my besties to see Cinderella.  I wasn't too sure about it as little miss single I thought it would be so depressing and sickly sweet but I really loved it.  As my bestie said, it's melting my frozen heart! So I became a little crazy and remade my own … Continue reading Once upon a time

‘No, I like you very much, just as you are.’

Today I'm going to do another 27 themed blog . . . this time I'm sharing with you my top 27 films/movies that I love! Tell me, what would your top 3 movies of all time be? Love