2 weeks ahead

Can anyone spot the two weeks of Easter hols? Lol today I’ve been sorting out my plans for this holiday.  Days filled with friends and family, visiting places old and new.  For the next two weeks I’m going to keep up with my day to day updates and review and you know me they willContinue reading “2 weeks ahead”

What to do this Easter?

Stuck for something to do this Easter Monday and Tuesday? A day off work and you want to get out and do something?  This Monday my boyfriend and I are both off and I wanted to plan to do something fun together, not waste the day.  So I decided to look online after hearing thatContinue reading “What to do this Easter?”

Easter craft ideas for kids

Today’s blog is to give some you guys some inspiration for kids crafting this Easter. The ones I’ve suggested i found on http://www.pinterest.com, they are mega cute, cheap and relatively easy to make . . . Here’s the link to get this template http://eastercolouring.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/easter-bunny-paper-craft-printable.html Hope this gives you some inspiration and your kids love theContinue reading “Easter craft ideas for kids”

Easter crafting investments

I was in Poundland the other day and came across these fab crafting packs and ideas for Easter, at a pound each they are a bargain and brilliant to keep the kids occupied on rainy days or when the are ‘bored’. They have lots of different things to do so you shouldn’t run out ofContinue reading “Easter crafting investments”