🎥 I ❤love films 🎥

Today’s blog is inspired by films and sticking with my February theme of love, Love films. According to IMDb http://www.imdb.com the top 5 romantic films from 2001 – 2010 were . . . 1. Amelie 2. Serendipity 3. Kissing Jessica Stein 4. Maid in Manhattan 5. Possession I decided to ask my friends and followersContinue reading “🎥 I ❤love films 🎥”

What I have planned for this month . . .

Wow it’s February already, that is crazy!! Well as this month is most typically known for Valentine’s Day so I have declared this month for my blog as the month of love! ❤ Here’s what I plan to blog about this month . . . ❤Love themed nail art ❤Food and or restaurants you loveContinue reading “What I have planned for this month . . .”