Starfish Cafe @Cairn Bay Lodge

Not new, but another of my favourite local places to eat as it’s just round the bay from my house, is local business The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge. Hands up, I’m bad and didn’t have a picture of the front of the The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge so I took this one from their Instagram page.Continue reading “Starfish Cafe @Cairn Bay Lodge”

ooo how continental of you . . .

(photo above from AT LAST! We finally have a lovely sunny day, which out of the shade I could even say is quite warm! I’m just home from a wee coffee date with my friend Nicky, down in Café Nero in Bangor. After a coffee boost and a lovely wee scone we decided toContinue reading “ooo how continental of you . . .”

Everyone loves a Sunflower!!! 🌼

Today’s blog is inspired by my favourite sandwich bar! It’s hard to get a good sandwich, picking your bread, the filling, do you buy it, do you make it yourself? I think a sandwich is ALWAYS better when it is made by someone else! I don’t like those sandwiches you buy in supermarkets, shops orContinue reading “Everyone loves a Sunflower!!! 🌼”

Quick and easy healthy homemade burger and meatball recipe

This is a really quick and healthy recipe I use for meatballs and homemade burgers, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe but with my personal changes. The recipe you will use is exactly the same for both meals, only difference is size, shape and cooking times. So what do you need? – lean minced beef –Continue reading “Quick and easy healthy homemade burger and meatball recipe”

Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta

Back again with another healthy recipe, for those of you on slimming world this would be half a SYN per portion and about half of your HEA depending on the amount of cheese you use. This recipe is for greek salad with orzo pasta . . . If you are anything like me when youContinue reading “Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta”