New season Specs inspiration

Yay it's finally Winter, and boy I have been looking forward to it!  Time for a change, time to wrap up, get out the boots and the darker colours.  For me I definitely think it's time to introduce a new pair of specs, something a little different and a bit darker for this new season.  … Continue reading New season Specs inspiration

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

How crazy a year ago I started my little blog never imaging I would keep it going a year never mind how popular or successful it would be! I couldn't find a single cupcake and didn't have the time to make any so this year I settled with a glazed donut! Time to light one … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

Guest Blog – Day 7

Nice to see you! I have worn glasses since I was in Primary School!  I got teased and laughed at for the massive circles that I wore on my face.  As soon as I turned 16 I got contact lenses and haven't looked back since....until that is the last few years. Fashion specs have been … Continue reading Guest Blog – Day 7