April’s Instagram Roundup

Wow how can April be gone already?! Once again another month has totally flown in, lots of ups and one major down but I am focusing on all the ups, the time with friends and family and trips out around my gorgeous country.  I definitely took millions of pictures over this month, so many opportunities … Continue reading April’s Instagram Roundup

My week of gratitude

Today's blog is my week of gratitude . . . Last Thursday I stayed up at my boyfriend Ryan's after a long day we went out and he treated me to dinner, we went to one of our favourite places Boojum, at Botanic and got this gorgeous Mexican fajita. It's always nice and fresh and … Continue reading My week of gratitude

My week of gratitude

Today's blog is my week of gratitude, I've fallen behind a bit with doing these are really should have had them up on Wednesday but better late than never sure. This was my week of gratitude and I will have the rest of them up this Wednesday! Pinky promise 🙂 Love

My week of gratitude ❤

My week of gratitude, I love doing this every day and includes all the people in my life I love! Now go share your love and gratitude! Lots of love

Gratitude week

Hey guys, it's been another grateful week. Although you can probably easily spot the day I struggled to find a positive and something I was grateful for! What have you been grateful for this week? Love