Fancy going for the handmade or homemade touch this Valentine’s Day? How about some easy shortbread treats? Make it romantic with a heart cutter, letter cutters spelling out L-O-V-E or just go to the effort of making something yourself, and just think of the brownie points you will get for a maximum of an hoursContinue reading “BAKE SOME LOVE”

Oh Soda Good!!!

Delicious early Valentine’s brunch with the other half today! Bacon, poached eggs, avocado with chilli and lemon on mega cute #genesiscrafty heart shaped soda bread!!! #heart #hearts #sodabread #heartshapedsodabread #Valentinessodabread #brunch #brunchathome #madewithlove #Valentinesday #bacon #eggs #avocado #northernireland #eatingin #homecooking #niblogger #irishblogger #foodblogger #nomnom #foodporn #alllocal #northernirelandproduce #keepitlocal Follow me in instagram to see moreContinue reading “Oh Soda Good!!!”

What’s ‘tatt’ you say?

The tattoo bug is back! Ok so I already have three and I know I want another to remind me of my nana, but I’m not 100% sure where I want it so atm it’s on hold.  However I have decided to get a matching tattoo with my bestie, I know she will be thereContinue reading “What’s ‘tatt’ you say?”

💕London Fashion Week inspired nails💕

Today’s blog is inspired by the catwalks at London Fashion week. I’m always looking for inspiration for my nails and here are a few that caught my eye and I thought I could transfer onto my nails. Mulberry I loved this top and decided the main print of it would look so cute and girly.Continue reading “💕London Fashion Week inspired nails💕”

Give your heart away . . . Quick and easy shortbread recipe

Today’s blog is the recipe for the Valentine’s shortbread, I hope you all went out and bought your ingredients!! If not tut tut, get out and get them 🙂 you know you want to make these, think of the brownie points you will get for a maximum of an hours effort! What you need .Continue reading “Give your heart away . . . Quick and easy shortbread recipe”

Nail me . . . Valentine’s nail tutorial

Today’s blog is a tutorial inspired by an earlier post this month – February nail inspiration. In that post there were a few nail ideas I loved so I decided to try them out alongside a couple of other ideas. My valentine nails include ‘LOVE’ in scrabble letters, mini hearts, ‘love’, red roses, petals –Continue reading “Nail me . . . Valentine’s nail tutorial”

Heart tipped manicure tutorial

  Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying my tutorials and finding them easy to follow. Today I’m going to show you how to do a heart tipped manicure. It’s something a little different and I think stunning looking, perfect for those of you who like a rounded nail.         what youContinue reading “Heart tipped manicure tutorial”