Window Shopping

Yesterday I spent my day off with Mum up in Belfast celebrating St Patrick’s Day,along side the parade I shared on my Saint Patrick’s Day  post we also hit the shops and did some window shopping.  I was looking for an outfit for my girls night out next week, and typical when you are looking youContinue reading “Window Shopping”

for her

Looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s for your other half?  I’ve selected a few of my favourite gifts that have caught my eye and range in prices.  And for any of you girls out there, this is the perfect post to share with your other half to drop some not so subtle hints!   HOTELContinue reading “for her”

Easter Eggxtravaganza

Easter is fast approach and the mouths of chocoholics are watering, it must only be time to buy the Easter eggs. These are some eggs I have found online that caught my eye . . . Eggstatic eggs for everyone – click this link to get to this blog . . . Something aContinue reading “Easter Eggxtravaganza”

Eggextremely Eggspensive

How about something a little more Eggstravagent, special and pricey . . . These are just the websites I came across for these eggs, to get a good bargain this Easter, shop around, you make get them cheaper somewhere else or on offer. If you do find any cheaper or somewhere that has them onContinue reading “Eggextremely Eggspensive”