The Wedding Edit – Small & Local

One of the main things I wanted to do when planning our wedding was to use as many small and local businesses as possible and it was something I succeeded in doing. In no particular order take a peak at who we used, I’ll later go into more detail about them as my ‘The WeddingContinue reading “The Wedding Edit – Small & Local”

Kinda, sorta free 

I say kinda, sorta free because well our lunch on Friday worked out at only the cost of our drinks and a few pounds more because we boosted our clubcard vouchers.  It wasn’t until around Autumn time I first did this, never thinking I would have enough and to be honest with only a coupleContinue reading “Kinda, sorta free “

On the eleventh day of Christmas –

Spend time with friends, who basically are your family and of course with it being Christmas Eve prepare for the big day tomorrow! First off I spoke to my wee bro in Australia, I have to/hate to admit I did kinda, a wee bit, sort of like talking to him. To be fair he wasContinue reading “On the eleventh day of Christmas –”