Yep you read it right, I am here to tell you all to go and check your boobs! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with cancer now affecting one in two people with over 12,000 cancer diagnoses being made made in Northern Ireland every year it is so important to be aware!  I’ll alsoContinue reading “BOOBS!”

4 years – the time has flown!

Look what popped up on my Facebook today on those memory things. It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago today I had my last round of chemo. I can remember it all like it was yesterday, yet strangely it feels like forever ago! So much has changed in the last 4 years and I’mContinue reading “4 years – the time has flown!”

May’s Instagram Roundup

Crazy that May is already over and as usual so many photos to show for it all! I’m excited for what June will hold and if there is anything you would like featured, reviewed or to see just comment below or email me! x

April’s Instagram Roundup

Wow how can April be gone already?! Once again another month has totally flown in, lots of ups and one major down but I am focusing on all the ups, the time with friends and family and trips out around my gorgeous country.  I definitely took millions of pictures over this month, so many opportunitiesContinue reading “April’s Instagram Roundup”

Where have you been?

Hey guys! I hope you’re all good! So on Monday or possibly last Sunday I told you I would blog each day about my Amsterdam adventures, but I’ve been bad and just not had the chance. This has probably been my first week where I’ve actually had a set daily routine where ive had toContinue reading “Where have you been?”

I HATE you so much right now!!!

This blog is more of a rant, I’m peeved off to put it politely and I think I need a good rant! I’m not writing this to get pity or to be a glory seeker/attention seeker, but to share with others that it’s easy to put up a front and put on a performance, butContinue reading “I HATE you so much right now!!!”

And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life 🎶

Let me introduce you to my friend Jill, she’s 24 and from Rush, Dublin, Ireland. Beautiful isn’t she? This is Jill feeling well and all dolled up, just like any other girl her age for a night out with her family. But there is something about Jill you don’t know. Jill suffers from cystic fibrosisContinue reading “And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life 🎶”