Yep you read it right, I am here to tell you all to go and check your boobs! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with cancer now affecting one in two people with over 12,000 cancer diagnoses being made made in Northern Ireland every year it is so important to be aware!  I’ll also … More BOOBS!

I’ll save you

Today has been so crazy, a day up in town in a gorgeous but old building which meant it was roasting with no real window usage due to them being SO old, completing first aid training! Bonus we got to have lunch in the garden and got away half an hour early, in that weather … More I’ll save you

Never give up!

Today I have some amazing news I wanted to share with you all, which I read on Friday. The post I just reblogged may have given you a hint . . . This is the fantastic post I read and had to hold back tears of happiness . . . Yes our wonderful, strong, brave … More Never give up!