Culture Night Belfast 18

Friday night Mum and I headed into the city aka Belfast to enjoy Culture Night 2018. Culture Night has been going on in the city for 10 years now, this year ‘Our tenth incarnation features some fine artwork by the hugely talented Holly Pereira. Holly’s re-imagining of ’60s psychedelia for for Culture Night chimes perfectlyContinue reading “Culture Night Belfast 18”

The Rabbit Rooms

Saturday 11th January made it 2 years since I was told that my cancer had completely gone! So to celebrate Ryan took me out for the night!  He let me pick whatever restaurant I wanted and we both decided on The Rabbit Rooms in Bangor. We’ve been here a couple of times and have had aContinue reading “The Rabbit Rooms”

What to do this Easter?

Stuck for something to do this Easter Monday and Tuesday? A day off work and you want to get out and do something?  This Monday my boyfriend and I are both off and I wanted to plan to do something fun together, not waste the day.  So I decided to look online after hearing thatContinue reading “What to do this Easter?”