My Christmas Wish List 2014

Well a girl can wish can’t she?!?  

My top beauty picks

I decided to write this post to share with all of you my top beauty picks, i.e. my favourite makeup, skin care, perfume and tan.  I’m one of those nosey people who loves to see what other people like, use and recommend, so I thought to myself, why not share mine with you guys? MAKE-UPContinue reading “My top beauty picks”

My week through the eyes of Instagram

My week through the eyes of Instagram . . . My lovely boyfriend Ryan bought me this bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume for valentines. It is so lovely and fresh, a great smell for Spring/Summer! On Monday I ventured to Superdrug and picked up these MUA polishes, a pound each! These Barry M textured polishes,Continue reading “My week through the eyes of Instagram”

New nails, new venture . . .

I’ve been so bad at blogging guys I’m sorry it’s been a busy few days and on top of it I think I’m getting sick . . . Pants! Anyway I thought I’d post this quick blog to show you more of what I’ve been doing. From my hey shortie post you can see IContinue reading “New nails, new venture . . .”

❤Marc Jacobs inspired nails ❤

Today’s blog is inspired by my lovely Valentine’s present my boyfriend bought me. A limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, Sunshine. I love the gorgeous bottles these perfumes come in! This is what inspired me to recreate some Marc Jacobs Daisy nails. I apologise in advance for the pictures, some of the colours smudged andContinue reading “❤Marc Jacobs inspired nails ❤”