Christmas nail art inspiration

You all know how much I love my nail art and I’m always looking for inspiration so Christmas is no different.  Here is some inspiration for you all and fingers crossed when I get the time I can use this inspiration for my own nails. Ah I LOVE all of these!  I need to makeContinue reading “Christmas nail art inspiration”

Meet the new arrivals

Yes the Cocoa Brown family has expanded and I’m so happy I can finally tell you! Tough stuff as you know has been out for a while but in sachet form (for clumsy me this has been a nightmare, the amount of times I’ve dropped it in the water), however it soldĀ out completely in 2,Continue reading “Meet the new arrivals”

Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!

Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a MONTH since I last blogged, awh no that’s sooo bad! I have just had so much on and with the very rare, warm, sunny weather we have had I had to make sure I was out in it! No doubt that was our summer, but fingers crossedContinue reading “Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!”

New nails, new venture . . .

I’ve been so bad at blogging guys I’m sorry it’s been a busy few days and on top of it I think I’m getting sick . . . Pants! Anyway I thought I’d post this quick blog to show you more of what I’ve been doing. From my hey shortie post you can see IContinue reading “New nails, new venture . . .”