Quinoa Greek Salad Recipe

On the constant search for something healthy, tasty and low in calories I came up with this tasty Quinoa Greek Salad Recipe. This recipe will do me 3 servings and that is 185 calories per serving or 555 calories for the lot. Ingredients – 1/2 cup of uncooked quinoa – 2 tablespoons of sliced olivesContinue reading “Quinoa Greek Salad Recipe”

ooo how continental of you . . .

(photo above from https://www.facebook.com/bangortimes) AT LAST! We finally have a lovely sunny day, which out of the shade I could even say is quite warm! I’m just home from a wee coffee date with my friend Nicky, down in CafĂ© Nero in Bangor. After a coffee boost and a lovely wee scone we decided toContinue reading “ooo how continental of you . . .”

Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta

Back again with another healthy recipe, for those of you on slimming world this would be half a SYN per portion and about half of your HEA depending on the amount of cheese you use. This recipe is for greek salad with orzo pasta . . . If you are anything like me when youContinue reading “Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta”