Food glorious food . . .

FOOD I have to say I have eaten some of the best food I have EVER had in Amsterdam, but at the same time I had some of the worst.  Like any place it is hit and miss, however I’m going to show you the food I ate and where I had it, so youContinue reading “Food glorious food . . .”

Amsterdam blogs

Hello everyone, so yesterday I had technical diffs and didn’t get a guest blog up, I apologise and have rescheduled so don’t worry you will get to see it! Hmm so where do I start? I has an amazing time in Amsterdam, seen and did so much and of course took millions of pictures. There’sContinue reading “Amsterdam blogs”

Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta

Back again with another healthy recipe, for those of you on slimming world this would be half a SYN per portion and about half of your HEA depending on the amount of cheese you use. This recipe is for greek salad with orzo pasta . . . If you are anything like me when youContinue reading “Quick and easy healthy greek salad with orzo pasta”

Nigella with a healthy twist

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Nigella Lawson! Her food is AMAZING, she’s a real woman, has a womanly shape and is so passionate about cooking and baking. This post is inspired by Nigella and puts a slightly healthier twist on her quick and easy ‘pasta risotto with peas and pancetta’. On page 43Continue reading “Nigella with a healthy twist”