WEEK 1 – Photography

Last Wednesday was the first night of the photography course my friend Vicki and I have enrolled in. It’s at our local college and one night for 12 weeks, it’s not accredited, but a recreational course, so we are still learning, but without the pressure of assessments or traditional ‘work’ and essay writing to do.Continue reading “WEEK 1 – Photography”

Go walking

My exercise streak is back! If any of you have seen from my instagram lately (zeejay86) I’ve been on a detox and diet since the start of June.  Initially I was good but still not really doing things properly, eating too much (even if it was all good food) and not enough exercise at all.Continue reading “Go walking”

March’s Instagram round up

Today’s post has taken a lot longer than I had planned, unfortunately the site I usually use was down and a lot of waiting later it’s still not working so I had to do my collages on my phone.  Better late than never, here you go, my very busy and full of pictures round upContinue reading “March’s Instagram round up”


Last week was Valentine’s day and this year I spoilt my wifey and bestie Sarah.  I bought the card and then I decided that I would get her something personal, so when I seen boomf magic mallows I knew for sure that was what I wanted to get her! WHAT IS BOOMF? Turn your memories intoContinue reading “boomf!”

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 . . .

Hey guys this is my first ever blog update from my mob I wonder how it will look and if it will actually work? If this works well I’ll have to perhaps do it more often, that means I’ll have to somehow transfer my header picture onto my phone. Anywho I found this photo challengeContinue reading “Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 . . .”

I ❤ Instagram . . .

Today’s blog is inspired by my new found love of Instagram! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love taking photos and editing, which is why Instagram is perfect. I used to diss it, say it wasn’t really that good and was all hype, but I think it was really because I didn’t haveContinue reading “I ❤ Instagram . . .”