Nails inc Monogram Manicure

I spotted this Monogram Manicure set when it was first launched by nails inc and straight away it went onto my wish list! Something so different and stunning and the first I’d seen like this.  So when I spotted it in the Christmas sales it was a must have!  Yeah I bought them in January,Continue reading “Nails inc Monogram Manicure”

It’s a Knockout

Last month I invested in some Liz Earle skin care products (note to self, I must get a blog up asap on this!) and ended up meeting the requirements for a deal they had on.  I can’t remember the exact deal but I received a bottle of Knockout red nail polish and a gold polish,Continue reading “It’s a Knockout”

oh you Fluffernutter Roll you!

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day Everyone!!! Every year I always see the 4th of July celebrations and today was no different all over instagram I was doubling clicking on Independence day themed pics of food, outfits and nail art to name a few.  So this year I decided to jump on the bandwagon, with someContinue reading “oh you Fluffernutter Roll you!”

Nail me . . . Valentine’s nail tutorial

Today’s blog is a tutorial inspired by an earlier post this month – February nail inspiration. In that post there were a few nail ideas I loved so I decided to try them out alongside a couple of other ideas. My valentine nails include ‘LOVE’ in scrabble letters, mini hearts, ‘love’, red roses, petals –Continue reading “Nail me . . . Valentine’s nail tutorial”

Kid’s valentine craft inspiration

This blog is inspired by my volunteer job in Barnardo’s and for the children I work with over Valentine’s Day. These are some cheap and easy craft ideas you can do with kids, all found on I love the third picture down, the love bugs to do with the older kids and the valentinesContinue reading “Kid’s valentine craft inspiration”

Louboutin inspired nails (tutorial)

Today’s blog is a tutorial for Louboutin inspired nails, I mean what girl wouldn’t want these? Inspired by a couple of nail art designs I have previously blogger about these are an easy combination for statement classy nails. What you will need . . . – Red polish, black polish, gold glitter polish and aContinue reading “Louboutin inspired nails (tutorial)”