Little tourists in a big city – Sweet smell of flowers

Everywhere you look in Amsterdam you will spot beautiful sweet smelling flowers, even when the tulips are out of season you will come across so many other stunning flowers. When you land in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam You can spot different flower stalls in Albert Cuypt Markt Near the Anne Frank Museum you can find theContinue reading “Little tourists in a big city – Sweet smell of flowers”

Food glorious food . . .

FOOD I have to say I have eaten some of the best food I have EVER had in Amsterdam, but at the same time I had some of the worst.  Like any place it is hit and miss, however I’m going to show you the food I ate and where I had it, so youContinue reading “Food glorious food . . .”

Come fly with me . . .

TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION Monday morning arrived, an early start up to Belfast International Airport.  As always on our trips away I started with a Starbucks berry hibiscus to wake me up and give me a boost! Thankfully we didn’t have too long to wait, but enough time to chill and have a look around theContinue reading “Come fly with me . . .”