Luck of the Irish

Monday 17th March, aka St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to find that little bit of Irish in you and get out and celebrate.  And hey what better excuse than this to change your nails and go for some nail art?! This blog will show you how to create your own StContinue reading “Luck of the Irish”

When we went to Dublin . . .

It’s been so long since I have properly blogged and to be honest the only reason I’m doing it now is because I am in bed and feeling pants with a throat infection 😦 I HATE BEING SICK!  Truth be told my blog has been neglected, put to the side, slightly discarded I hate toContinue reading “When we went to Dublin . . .”

Sunshine and lollipops, and rainbows and shamarocks 💙🎶

Hey guys so as you know I like to try and blog everyday. Today has been mega busy so this is just a wee pic update on what I’ve been doing. Alongside going to work I’ve been baking. These are some vanilla, rainbow cupcakes for my friend. Whilst I had my food colouring out IContinue reading “Sunshine and lollipops, and rainbows and shamarocks 💙🎶”