My October Essentials

October is the start of one of my favourite times of the year, it's the start of Autumn then heading into Halloween, Winter and Christmas. So I'm still on mission to swap my wardrobe over from season to season, but my hair and skin essentials are already there! So let me share with you my … Continue reading My October Essentials

We all need a little help

For ages I've been meaning to post what's in my makeup bag and haven't got round to it.  So instead I decided to extend it and show you what beauty, skin and hair products I use. Excluding my shampoo these are the goodies I use to give myself a little helping hand in the beauty … Continue reading We all need a little help

Meet the new arrivals

Yes the Cocoa Brown family has expanded and I'm so happy I can finally tell you! Tough stuff as you know has been out for a while but in sachet form (for clumsy me this has been a nightmare, the amount of times I've dropped it in the water), however it sold out completely in 2, … Continue reading Meet the new arrivals

Guest Blog – Day 6

Hi everyone! I'm here on Zane's' lovely blog to talk to you about my passion in life- make up! Now, obviously this is a really girly post, but as most girls out there enjoy all things makeup, I'm going to be giving my best tips and tricks for all you readers! I've been interested in … Continue reading Guest Blog – Day 6

Stranded . . .

So yesterday I was stranded for over 5 hours as my car was in getting fixed, so much for a quick job! I then ended up having no internet and a phone that needs thrown under a bus.  Yep I was having one of those days, so fed up and annoyed that I was wasting … Continue reading Stranded . . .

I ❤ MUA nail polish!

Today's blog is inspired by my new nail polishes! I am terrible when it comes to new polishes I really cannot resist. Today I decided I would go into Superdrug and invest in some MUA polishes. I have a few already and they are a steal at only £1 per bottle! Yes you heard … Continue reading I ❤ MUA nail polish!