Something different

I had a great day on Saturday meeting up with the lovely Katherine from Action Cancer.  I met up with her at Action Cancer’s flagship store on the Lisburn Road, Belfast, Something Different. I have probably passed this store loads of times, but never once noticed it. However with the revamp the store has I’m sure noContinue reading “Something different”

Do your bit for Charity without flashing the cash

Is it just me or does it seem to be that every where you turn these days you are faced with someone collecting money for charity? May it be people looking sponsorship, charity mornings, those usually really rude charity collectors in the shopping centres! I personally have a few charities I like to sponsor, thereContinue reading “Do your bit for Charity without flashing the cash”


A few days ago whilst faffing about on Facebook I came across a touching and inspiring story from such a brave woman who wants to share her story of being a mummy and her experience of post natal depression. For someone to share such a personal story can be hard and easily judged, therefore IContinue reading “tabo?”

On the upside 😊

Today’s weather was proper pants compared to yesterday. Wind and rain with a massive hint of grey . . . YUCK! But massive bonus that I could wear my new charity hoodie, showing my support for the Danny Mills Heart Foundation. To find out more on this amazing charity please read and share my blogsContinue reading “On the upside 😊”

I HATE you so much right now!!!

This blog is more of a rant, I’m peeved off to put it politely and I think I need a good rant! I’m not writing this to get pity or to be a glory seeker/attention seeker, but to share with others that it’s easy to put up a front and put on a performance, butContinue reading “I HATE you so much right now!!!”