A tourist @ home

Sunday avo was spent with my best friend being a tourist in our own city! We decided on our to do list we'd put on an open top bus tour of Belfast.  Forgetting how great our wee city is and seeing parts we'd never visited before this was a well spent Sunday! The Albert Clock … Continue reading A tourist @ home


Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

Last Friday mum and I went on a trip to Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory in Belfast for a tour.  Initially I had wanted to go with my little cousins who had been before and loved it but they were away at Brownie camp and mum had said that she would go with me.  I have wanted … Continue reading Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

Date day at the Tayto crisp factory

Today's blog is inspired by my date day yesterday with my boyfriend Ryan and my love of crisps. So last week Ryan and I planned that we would go to the Tayto crisp factory, we had talked about going for ages, but had never got round to it. Tayto are a brand of crisps made … Continue reading Date day at the Tayto crisp factory