Luck of the Irish

Monday 17th March, aka St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to find that little bit of Irish in you and get out and celebrate.  And hey what better excuse than this to change your nails and go for some nail art?! This blog will show you how to create your own StContinue reading “Luck of the Irish”

Avocado Baby

This week in work we read Avocado Baby to the kids and they absolutely loved it, however they didn’t so much love tasting it! Not being the biggest fan of avocado myself I had to agree with them the one we had wasn’t very nice (I don’t think it was ripe enough). Although the smooth,Continue reading “Avocado Baby”

Spring Spots

Today’s blog is a tutorial on how to create your own Spring Spots nail art. Start off with your base colour, I have acrylics on mine so I just painted a layer of clear polish to seal them. Next up I chose what polishes I wanted to use, I decided to go with pastel colours.Continue reading “Spring Spots”

Enrol your little ones to preschool without the stress!

No need to stress out! Don’t know where to start or how to fill in your child’s preschool application form? Don’t worry I will show you how! PRESCHOOL ENROLMENT FORMS These are for children who were born between 2nd July 2010 and 1st July 2011 Where to start? First off you want to go toContinue reading “Enrol your little ones to preschool without the stress!”

Cath Kidston inspired nail tutorial

Today’s blog is inspired by my cousin who wanted her nails done yesterday. As you can see from the picture below we couldn’t decide on just one design so had a range of different styles. After seeing how easy the flower nail was to do, Jodie fell in love with them and we decided toContinue reading “Cath Kidston inspired nail tutorial”

Louboutin inspired nails (tutorial)

Today’s blog is a tutorial for Louboutin inspired nails, I mean what girl wouldn’t want these? Inspired by a couple of nail art designs I have previously blogger about these are an easy combination for statement classy nails. What you will need . . . – Red polish, black polish, gold glitter polish and aContinue reading “Louboutin inspired nails (tutorial)”

french maincure tutorial

Hey guys! A friend of mine was telling me how much she enjoyed my blog the other day and was saying how she struggled to do a french manicure on herself. It’s something that is really simple and easy to do at home yourself! I think it’s something for any age and makes your handsContinue reading “french maincure tutorial”

Leopard print nail tutorial

Today I’m going to show you my essential products and show you how to do a basic leopard print design on your nails in 6 easy steps. Products These are my basic nail art products I can’t live without, and all relatively cheap! 🙂 Wooden kebab skewer (although a cocktail stick would work fine), NailContinue reading “Leopard print nail tutorial”

Polka dot nail tutorial

So today I went to afternoon tea with my bestie, and decided to fancy myself up a little, inspired by my gorgeous new blazer/jacket I treated myself to in Primark during the week. It’s a gorgeous navy blue with white polka dots, so last night at about midnight (when I still couldn’t sleep) I decidedContinue reading “Polka dot nail tutorial”