Specs post

Like I told you in yesterday’s blog I’m looking for a new pair of specs for this new Winter season.  Previously I looked at Specsavers, but I have heard loads of great things about Specspost, a couple of friends have bought from them before and I’ve been considering giving them a go.  So here isContinue reading “Specs post”

New season Specs inspiration

Yay it’s finally Winter, and boy I have been looking forward to it!  Time for a change, time to wrap up, get out the boots and the darker colours.  For me I definitely think it’s time to introduce a new pair of specs, something a little different and a bit darker for this new season. Continue reading “New season Specs inspiration”

On the first day of Christmas –

Wrap up and get on your Crimbo jumper, I mean just look at the king of style himself . . . Mr Darcy! I love my Christmas jumpers, this year I’ve invested in 2 more from Primark, check them out 🙂 I’ve also had a wee nosey online and spotted these bad boys . .Continue reading “On the first day of Christmas –”