Crazy Day!

So today started off mega early and was very long travelling to Lisburn for training! Rush hour traffic, snow, having no idea where I was actually going (thank god for sat nav!) and then broken down cars causing tail backs!!! Ah what could be a 45 minute journey took 2, yes 2 hours!!!! All worth … Continue reading Crazy Day!

I’ll save you

Today has been so crazy, a day up in town in a gorgeous but old building which meant it was roasting with no real window usage due to them being SO old, completing first aid training! Bonus we got to have lunch in the garden and got away half an hour early, in that weather … Continue reading I’ll save you

Gok-ing myself up

So learning to balance things and be more organised now I'm back to work has become a new way of life for me. Any time before the only organising or planning should I maybe say was to sort my lunch for the next day. But now to gain that extra time in bed in the … Continue reading Gok-ing myself up

Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!

Oh my goodness guys it's nearly been a MONTH since I last blogged, awh no that's sooo bad! I have just had so much on and with the very rare, warm, sunny weather we have had I had to make sure I was out in it! No doubt that was our summer, but fingers crossed … Continue reading Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!